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Development of new medical product


  • Project Date:Jan 2019
  • Location:Durham UK
  • Categories:Manufature, Medical

The Tinkleguard product will be a replacement for the currently used ‘Newcastle Pack’ which is used throughout the UK by paediatric departments to take a urinary sample from the patient. However, these packs are susceptible to contamination and hence where the idea for the Tinkleguard came from.

The Tinkleguard is produced from a special hydrophilic material which enables the genital area to be covered and the clean sample to be taken for testing.


The plan is for the Tinkleguard to be coated allowing different pathogens to glow a different colour under UV light allowing for the quick identification of the bug the child may have.

  • Used for children up to 4 years old
  • Gives better samples for lab test
  • Coating allows for rapid initial test
  • Child friendly

The new product is simple to use, simple to get results from and has no detrimental impact when applied as it allows the child to go about as normal and play unhindered.