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Conceptual new insulation panel

Conceptual new insulation panel

  • Project Date:Jun 2021
  • Location:Teesside, UK
  • Categories:Manufature, Construction

The new insulation panel was developed for a local company that saw a need for a new product produced from a recycled polymer. The total size of the profile was over 5m, and it required a scaled prototype to validate the design for fit and form.

Amtech produced the prototypes and assembled them in the workshop for client trial. One of the key features was the ability for the profile to curve, making it suitable for many retrofits across the construction industry.


The 1m long prototypes enabled the client to realise the potential of the product and make a valid justification for the capital investment.

  • Quick to assemble on site.
  • Maximum length - 5.4m
  • Maximum width - 1.2m
  • Double core thickness
  • Properties similar to 0.040 W/m-K

The simplicity of the design ensures that only minimal training is required to assemble, and most of the functions are intuitive to insulation wall panel installers.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to install