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Embedded IoT system

Embedded IoT system

  • 2Project Date:March 2021
  • Location:Darlington, UK
  • Categories:Agriculture, Industry

The embedded IoT system has been developed with the client for use in a new self-sustainable vertical farm system. The hub is positioned on the back of the container and gives a live feed to the dashboard. The hub monitors the Oxygen, CO2, Humidity, Temperature, light and growing conditions of the vegetable being grown at the time.

The hub runs on 12v and creates its own mesh network to transfer data between hubs effortlessly. The data is then read by the server and presented in a simple dashboard format to enable the user to monitor the growth.


The hub has an inbuilt camera which is part of the harvesting system, which, when ready, will signal the units to harvest the product and remove the need for human interaction.

  • Max. Working temperature: 28°C.
  • 1000 Lux
  • Upto 90% humidity
  • 0.145 - 14.5 pCO2

The hub enables the constant monitoring of the growth phase reducing human dependency and operates from the 12v feed, which is provided from a sustainable power supply.

  • Reduced dependency
  • Built with off the shelf components
  • Installed in less than 10 minutes