Jagdesign (4M) Ltd, Unit 31, Enterprise City, Spennymoor, DL16 6JF, United Kingdom

Special Purpose Machines

We have been involved in special purpose machine building for over thirty years. We have a background in tooling, high speed manufacture, pressings, and mouldings as well as jigs and fixtures. Each machine is developed with IoT in mind as well as preventative maintenance schedules. Working with our associates, we work collaboratively to give you the best solution.

  • Production Machines

    We can build a machine onsite up to 15m long and work with you to test the machine to validate its operation before its shipped to your site and commissioned.

  • Assembly Machines

    We can build machines to assemble anything from 1 part a minute to hundreds. Each design can be tested using a digital twin to prove its functionality prior to the build phase.


Tooling Development

Jag has over 40 years of experience in tooling, from press to mould. We have designed form, progression, blanking and pierce crop and form tools. We also work closely with several engineering companies when larger tooling is required and have worked collaboratively to build tools up to 1.2m long. We have also built press brake tooling and formers and have a small press at the site we can use for testing.

We also can build prototype tooling to validate the process; we have built tools using our in-house equipment that allows the client to prove the tooling before committing to a larger capital investment. We have also used our in-house 3D printers to produce small tools for testing and ensure the process is correct before manufacturing the tool in steel.

We can also build jigs and fixtures to ensure repeatability and use the knowledge and experience to ensure that what we build is functional and fit for purpose. We design the jigs from native data supplied by the client, or we can model the part from the drawings supplied. A complete standard operating procedure for using the jig can then be developed to support the client. Should the need be identified, video guidelines can also be developed for training.

Value engineering is an efficient analysis of various components and materials functions to lower the cost of goods, products and services with a tolerable loss of performance or functionality. Products could be built with higher-grade components, but with value engineering, they are not because this would impose an unnecessary cost on the manufacturer and, to a limited extent, an increased cost on the purchaser, which, given the current climate, is a non-starter.

Jag is dedicated to designing not only for manufacture, but sustainable manufacture. Sustainable manufacturing is the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimise environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. At Jag, we look at a complete circular economy and look at the utilisation of any waste stream and from that create additional products that can be used.

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