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Product Research

When developing a product, it is key that you have freedom of operation to develop it. This means that after conducting market research to identify what requirements the product needs to meet, you need to know that what you develop will not infringe on anyone’s patent.

  • IP Review

    A full IP review is often required to obtain the ‘freedom of operation’. It is key that the review looks at the claims and not just the description, as the claims will be what can make or break the development.

  • Applied Research

    Applied research is designed to identify solutions to specific problems or find answers to particular questions.


Fundamental Research

Fundamental, also known as basic or theoretical, research is designed to help researchers better understand certain phenomena in the world. It looks at how things work but does not seek to find how to make them work better. This research attempts to broaden your understanding and expand scientific theories and explanations.

Exploratory research reviews what is already known about the subject and what additional information may be relevant. It can often answer specific questions but instead presents the foundational knowledge of a subject as a precursor to further research. Often, exploratory research is applied to lesser-known issues and trends.

Inductive research, also known as theory-building research, collects data that may help develop a new theory about a process or phenomenon. It examines observations and patterns and offers several hypotheses to explain these patterns.

Field Research occurs wherever the participants or subjects are or "on location." This type of research requires onsite observation and data collection.

Fixed research involves procedures determined ahead of time, such as how often testing will take place, where it will take place, the number of subjects and their types. The research depends on precise conditions and compliance with predetermined protocols to reduce variables

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