Jagdesign (4M) Ltd, Unit 31, Enterprise City, Spennymoor, DL16 6JF, United Kingdom

Product Development

The team at Jag has been in product development since the late eighties and has supported hundreds of innovators and entrepreneurs from across the globe. The company uses the latest technology to take the idea from Concept to Manufacture.

  • Concept Design

    Each concept is developed from a simple idea, be it a fag packet sketch, as we used to say, or a drawing that has been developed past its initial inception.

  • Engineering Design

    The concept is then engineered through to a conclusion, and detailed manufacturing drawings are created to allow for production costs to be sought.


Design for Manufacture

Jag has experience in all aspects of design and manufacture and a wealth of knowledge in tooling. Products are designed with both sustainability and its environmental impact in mind. We have developed products from all sectors including retail, medical, construction, manufacturing, and mining. With the 3D design built, how the product will be manufactured is now examined. We need to know if it’s going to be injection moulded, cast, pressed, machined etc. We also would now carry out specific load analysis of the product to ensure it can withstand the strain it will go through during its life.

At Jag, we also have 3D printers to complement our workshop that we use to build working prototypes for evaluation. This allows any small snags missed during the intensive design stages to be addressed. This is best discussed then with the toolmakers and the manufacturing engineers. They are the people who will make the products in reality.

During the course of developing the design, innovative steps are created in the design process. It’s essential that the innovation is secured with the protection it deserves. A patent submission through a good patent attorney will enable the idea to be protected throughout the UK initially.

Good market research will give you a good background of the key elements you must understand to develop and design a fully functional product. Market Segment Analysis, Critical Product Analysis (CPA), Styling, Engineering, Materials and Processes, Ergonomics, Performance, Benchmarking, Target Consumer Profiling/User Observation, and Requirements. This phase is key at the start of the project to ensure all requirements are met.

The graphic communication of the product is essential as you need the colours and graphics to be right. What if James Dyson had made his vacuum cleaner red and purple instead of grey and yellow? Would we recognise it? It is essential that the correct colours are selected, and this can be done by the use of Pantone swatches.

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