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Scaled version of K5 Phonebox

Scaled version of K5 Phonebox

  • Project Date:March 2012
  • Location:Teesside, UK
  • Categories:Manufature, Disability

The scaled Phonebox allowed Jag to validate the build process for a full-scale unit + 25% on size currently being manufactured out of a new recycled material. The scaled Phonebox took nearly 1000 hours to build and is 1/5 scale of the original. The full-scaled unit will help people with dementia and other memory problems using a new inclusive VR system.

The Phonebox is designed to be 25% larger than the original K5 so anyone can use it, including people in wheelchairs who can access it via the purpose-made ramp at the front.


The Phonebox had to reflect the original design intent of a K5 Phonebox, however, it would need to allow access from all users, abled-bodied and disabled. It would have a slide system mount on the inside that would enable the user to set the height for them to use, be it a child, a wheelchair user or a non disabled person.

  • 25% bigger than K5
  • Powered from sustainable source - PV array on rear
  • Interactive VR system
  • Aimed at sufferers from dementia etc to support wellbeing

The phone box is designed in sections, enabling it to be easily assembled and disassembled. It can be installed at many sites.

  • Can fit in one van in sections for moving
  • Powered by a PV system fitted to the rear making it self contained
  • Interactive system can be tailored for users with ease