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Mini shredder trials

Mini shredder trials

  • Project Date:July 2023
  • Location:Durham, UK
  • Categories:Manufature, Recycling

The new mini shredder trials are to identify a small 24V system that will enable the end user to process their waste directly from the side of the production line. The material has several properties that, when combined with other waste streams, allow new construction materials to be created.

For example, the new mini shredder enables tests to be completed before the company purchases a full-scale Untha shredder for example.


The current production facility produces a small waste stream compared to other processes, and the waste needs to be shredded for reuse in the material manufacture or the creation of briquettes that can be processed later.

  • Ability to process 1 Kg within 2 minutes
  • Particle size to be 6mm to dust
  • low energy requirement

The shredder was fitted with a 3D-printed screen to enable all particles to be collected during processing.

  • Easy to confirm process
  • justifys capital investment