Jagdesign (4M) Ltd, Unit 31, Enterprise City, Spennymoor, DL16 6JF, United Kingdom

Mechanical Engineering

The team at Jag have been involved with mechanical engineering since the early eighties and has stayed at the cutting edge of technology implementation as it became prevalent in the workplace. The ‘hands-on’ approach allows the company to conceptualise, design, manufacture and validate each enquiry from start to finish.

  • CAD Engineering

    At Jag, we run Fusion 360 to develop and design ideas from scratch. We previously used Solidworks and, before that, Pro Engineer. We use the3 software to its full potential to provide the best solution.

  • CAM Engineering

    Jag is well-versed in CAM and uses several software suites to create tool paths, and machining time allows us to calculate lead time and potential costs.


Design Engineering

With the front-end research complete, the next stage is to develop a strategy for creating the product and what features it will contain. With these features identified, the client agrees with the design team on the strategy, as it is what we all work to do from this stage. The next stage is where we develop all the sketches, thoughts, ideas, and general options which are laid out. These are usually drawn free hand and then worked on until a good 2D or 3D visual sketch is available. After discussing the concepts with the client and choosing the best one, which may include many features from many ideas, they are refined. All aspects of the design and its interaction with people are examined; it’s no good having it look pretty if you cannot use it. The next stage transfers the design idea and intent from the sketch pad onto the computer. Using the latest 3D software, every facet of the design is built in 3D and developed to be a fully functional 3D model.

The objective of productive engineering is to improve efficiency, drive up the effectiveness of manufacturing, quality control, and reduce cost while making their products more attractive and marketable. The viewpoint of production engineering is concerned with the improvement, and implementation of integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, energy, and materials.

Jag has been using the Internet of Things (IoT) for five years and has used it to monitor machines that it has built with its network. The implementation of IoT works on many platforms and can provide data which can be used as part of a dashboard to keep clients abreast of how the system is running. We have recently supported a local food producer with an IoT hub to monitor the growth cycles of the food.

We do not usually get directly involved in software development as we are connected to associates who specialise in that. Hartech, for example, is a specialist in automation and is fully conversant with PLC controls and software implementation. We also have a specialist who has developed software for major blue-chip manufacturers.

Jag can fabricate frames and structures for prototype builds but has several associates whom they can pass work for small batch runs. We use the in-house welding system to build what we need to prove the build before we move on to the next phase.

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