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Ground monitoring sensor

Ground monitoring system

  • Project Date:Aug 2021
  • Location:Wingate, UK
  • Categories:Manufature, Construction

The new monitor measured ground-based conditions, including temperature, humidity, and moisture. The project would place a laboratory-prepared mycelium sample within a 2” square mesh. When placed in tainted soil, this sample would allow the mycelium to remove the contaminants.

The monitor provided constant data to a dashboard, allowing the user to have a live feed of the soil improvement process.


The system had to be in a contained case; however, it had to provide access for the sensors to monitor the three key features. 3D printing enabled the case to be designed and fitted around the circuit board.

  • Max. Working temperature: : 70°C.
  • Humidity - 0-100%
  • Moisture - 0-100%

The system was designed with a built-in battery cell and a low Bluetooth mesh network enabling it to run from its network. This allowed data to be recorded and used in data reports.

  • Rapid manufacture
  • Enabled a full spread matrix of ground monitoring
  • Ability to know when soil has improved
  • Reduced dead time waiting for next phase