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On its way across Europe

On its way across Europe

  • Project Date:March 2021
  • Location:Leeds, UK
  • Categories:Manufature, Medical

The production line to manufacture the new medical product was produced collaboratively by four companies and validated at the JAG premises. I2I led the project with the machine control developed by Hartech Automation and the tooling by Ion, with Jag working on the build. The machine blanked five products at a time on the large press.

The product was then fed down the line under a depositor before being fed into a packaging line supplied by Ulma. The packed product was then sent for clinical tests and, once it was approved, was ready for shipping.


The medical application required the product to be created in a unique foam format. The conceptual work completed by Jag was then developed into a fully blown production line with all the additional parties engaged.

  • Tool to produce 45 parts per minute
  • 10-20ml of fluid to be applied
  • Quick change over for foam roll
  • Full plc control with IoT monitoring

The machine was installed in Turkey and was installed without issue. The machine can be monitored from the UK, and production upgrades can be completed over the network.

  • Production runs to build pre launch stock
  • Product launches in 2024-25
  • Waste rates at 0.003%
  • Potential for additional production lines